Good coding memories

LEGO render

LEGO scene by Erwan Loison, rendered in fryrender

Last week we were migrating our website to a new web server at RandomControl. While transporting the forum I came across this folder where we store most of the announcement-related images since the early days of fryrender. Some of these images were rendered by our testers and some others were made by me. They are a good example of the kind of stuff I’ve been involved with during the last years. :)

Good memories :: Lots of old images

Some of this stuff reaches back to 2006, when I started coding fryrender. Watching the images in that folder brings a lot of good memories of the different stages the product has been at. These are some of my favorites:

Old Sub-Surface Scattering tests
Classic WinOSi dispersion test
LEGO spaceship (scene by Erwan Loison)
Camera response curves (scene by Jose Manuel Linares)
Instancing tests (scene by Martin Hindricks)
Anisotropy tests
Bloom chart
Glare chart
Heavy Bokeh
Image-Based Lighting tests
Micro-Polygon Displacement Mapping tests
More MPDM tests

EDIT: The links in this post are gone since we opened the new Arion forum in 2014.

First post

For a long time I’ve been reluctant to enter the world of social networking. It all seemed like a big waste of time to me. However, after some time following regularly the tweets of other software engineers out there I guess that I’ve learnt to appreciate the value of it.

So a few days ago I decided to create a twitter account and started this humble coding blog, where I plan to drop a few brief notes every now and then. I will post about my work progress, and about other random technical stuff of interest for coders.