Some simple facts about me:

– I am the CEO and Lead Engineer at RandomControl, SLU.
– I started coding when I was a little kid.
– I have spent most of my life coding 3D engines.
– In the recent past I’ve devoted myself to the creation of fryrenderArion and RCSDK.

My hobbies:

– I’ve been practicing long-distance running since I was a teenager.
– The little time I do not spend coding or running I may be found playing the guitar.

This is a modest coding blog where I plan to drop some stuff every now and then.

If necessary, I can be reached by e-mail at ‘jmguerra 0x40 randomcontrol.com’.

*le me approving this blog

*le me running the Villa de Madrid Half Marathon in 2014

*le me running the Seville City Marathon in 2014

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