This is a repository of technical papers about Computer Graphics, math and programming. Not all of them have a reflection in the RandomControl products (i.e., Arion, ArionFX, etc…), but they are all fantastic (usually seminal) resources for people involved in Computer Graphics and Physically-Based Rendering.


Generic image processing:

Bilateral Filtering for Gray and Color Images — Carlo Tomasi 1998
Fast Median and Bilateral Filtering — Ben Weiss 2006
Constant Time O(1) Bilateral Filtering — Fatih Porikli 2008
Fast Almost-Gaussian Filters — Peter Kovesi 20??
A Fast Approximation of the Bilateral Filter using a DSP Approach — Sylvain Paris 2006
Pyramid Methods in GPU-Based Image Processing — Martin Kraus 2007
Depth-of-Field Rendering by Pyramidal Image Processing — Martin Kraus 2007

HDR framebuffer post-processing:

Effective Despeckling of HDR Images — Mathias Paulin 2011
On Filtering the Noise from the Random Parameters in MC Rendering
— Pradeep Sen 2011

HDR-to-LDR tonemapping:

Adaptive Gain Control for High Dynamic Range Image Display — Sumanta Pattanaik 2002
Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression — Raanan Fattal 2002
Photographic Tone Reproduction for Digital Images — Erik Reinhard 2002
Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of HDR Images — Frédo Durand 2002
Dynamic Range Reduction inspired by Photoreceptor Physiology — Erik Reinhard 2005

Path Tracing:

Megakernels Considered Harmful: Wavefront Path Tracing on GPUs — Samuli Laine 2013
Active thread compaction for GPU path tracing — Ingo Wald 2011

Physical sky:

A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight — A. J. Preetham ????
The Sky Dome Appearance Project — Hosek & Wilkie 2012

Quasi-Monte Carlo:

Efficient Multidimensional Sampling — Thomas Kollig & Alexander Keller 2002
Correlated Multi-Jittered Sampling — Andew Kensler 2013
Hero Wavelength Spectral Sampling — Alexander Wilkie 2014


Understanding the Efficiency of Ray Traversal on GPUs — Timo Aila 2009
Spatial Splits in Bounding Volume Hierarchies — Martin Stich 2010
Early split clipping for bounding volume hierarchies — Manfred Ernst 2007


Biased rendering:

Practical Global Illumination with Irradiance Caching — Siggraph 2007


CUDA C Programming Guide — nVidia
CUDA C Best Practices Guide — nVidia
CUDA Warps and Occupancy — nVidia
Mixing graphics and compute with multiple GPUs — nVidia GTC 2012
What every CUDA programmer … about OpenGL — nVidia GTC 2009

Generic image processing:

Fast Bilateral Filter — Sylvain Paris 2012

HDR framebuffer post-processing:

Effective Despeckling of HDR Images — Mathias Paulin 2011

Quasi-Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo Ray Tracing — Siggraph 2003
Advanced Computer Graphics Sampling — University of Freiburg 2013
Good permutations for scrambled Halton sequences – Bart Vandewoestyne 2006